Machine learning is on the verge of transforming healthcare, and the CCDS is at the forefront of this revolution.

We are building and deploying machine learning solutions in the hospital.

We have forged powerful partnerships with industry leaders such as NVIDIA and GE.

We have the data, clinical expertise, computing power, and talent to make this vision a reality.

We are machine learning scientists, data engineers, software engineers, innovation fellows, and clinicians shaping the future of medicine

We combine the unique capabilities needed to make ML a reality in healthcare.


Building neural networks requires vast amounts of data. The CCDS has access to the full breadth of data within the Partners HealthCare ecosystem, including millions of medical images and physicians reports. We take our data stewardship seriously.


In partnership with NVIDIA, we are building an on-premises GPU computing cluster to support model training and deployment. We use the latest in high-performance compute, including NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, 100Gb networking, and high-performance storage.


Our product-focused team is building the platforms and tools required to rapidly integrate models into the clinical setting, bringing the power of AI to the physician’s fingertips.


We are building a world-class team of machine learning scientists and software engineers. We demand excellence from ourselves and expect the same from those we work with. Our goals are too important, too impactful for us to fall short.

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