We are machine learning scientists, data engineers, software engineers, innovation fellows, and clinicians shaping the future of medicine.

Machine Learning Science

We are building models to solve critical needs in healthcare.

  • Classification to expedite treatment decisions, prioritize worklists, and improve accuracy
  • Segmentation and localization to improve the accuracy and speed of abnormality detection
  • Volumetric assessment of pathologies, reducing clinician time per study thereby freeing them to focus on higher-value tasks
  • Time series analysis to predict outcomes based on streaming patient data

Machine Learning Engineering and Software

We are building tools to deploy models in the clinical setting.

  • Building visualization tools to put model results in front of the radiologists
  • Creating orchestration tools to route data and results to key hospital systems, including insertion into physician reports
  • Developing an online learning platform to capture feedback from users to improve our models

Data Engineering

Our data engineering team enables us to take advantage of the wealth of healthcare data available at Mass General Brigham.

  • Enabling ready access to wide variety to healthcare data types for training
  • Providing tools and databases to enable cohort creation
  • Processing and warehousing time series data from bedside monitors

Product & Clinical Development

Our product team bridges the gap between the hospital and the datacenter, providing voice of the customer to our engineering teams.

  • Identifying the most important, highest value problems clinicians encounter
  • Working with clinicians to understand the best way to integrate into existing workflows
  • Gathering customer feedback in the reading room to improve our models and tools


Our infrastructure team is building our GPU cluster to support model development and deployment in the hospital environment

  • NVIDIA Tesla GPU-enabled compute nodes
  • High performance storage solutions
  • 100Gb networking
  • Security to ensure proper data stewardship

Strategy and Operations

Our strategy and operations team is rapidly expanding our industry collaborations and supporting the Center’s mission.

  • Developing our industry partnerships through business development and relationship management
  • Building and strengthening our team through recruiting and talent development
  • Improving our effectiveness through program management and budgeting

Research Affiliates

We collaborate with researchers and clinicians at MGH, BWH, and other institutions to accelerate development

  • Executing on joint research projects in machine learning
  • Providing access to GPU computing resources, data, and expertise
  • Sharing best practices and early results

Innovation Fellows

We lead AI-enabled advancements in medicine with our unique combination of core capabilities:

  • We are deeply embedded in the healthcare system
  • We lead with a product development mindset
  • We have a deep understanding of considerations needed for commercialization.
  • Collaborate with key industry partners