Partnering with Industry

CCDS and Partners HealthCare are looking to accelerate the impact of AI across all domains of healthcare.

We believe partnering with leaders in this space is the best way to rapidly translate ideas into action. If you would like to team with the Center for Clinical Data Science please get in touch.


GE Healthcare

GE Logo

The Center for Clinical Data Science and GE are working together to deploy artificial intelligence solutions across the GE Healthcare portfolio.

“This is about creating digital tools that will have a profound impact on medicine.”

– John Flannery, CEO of GE

Partners HealthCare and GE Healthcare have a 10-year collaboration to integrate Artificial Intelligence into every aspect of the patient journey. Our initial focus is on developing AI solutions that will be integrated into CT and MR machines, as well as the PACS workstations in radiology reading rooms everywhere. CCDS is combining world-class machine learning capabilities with Partners HealthCare’s wealth of clinician expertise to deliver high-impact AI solutions rapidly.
GE is working closely with CCDS to implement AI models into real-world scenarios as quickly as they are validated. Together, we are able to drive enhanced patient care at a pace previously impossible.

“This is an important moment for medicine.”

– David Torchiana, MD, CEO of Partners HealthCare


Nvidia logo

NVIDIA is a founding partner for the Center for Clinical Data Science – providing the Center with cutting-edge GPU resources and know-how.

“There could be no more important application of this new capability than improving patient care. This work will one day benefit millions of people by extending the capabilities of physicians with an incredibly powerful new tool.”

– Jensen Huang, CEO and co-founder, NVIDIA

The Center for Clinical Data Science and NVIDIA are working together to create a future in which patient care is enhanced through the use of artificial intelligence.

We are building a state-of-the-art deep learning datacenter with NVIDIA’s expertise and leveraging these high-performance GPU resources to train neural networks on medicine’s toughest problems.



Dasa and the Center for Clinical Data Science are working together to advance the way diagnostics are processed and improve patient care.

“The work we are developing has the potential to optimize a large volume of diagnoses and positively impact the life our patients, which is our main goal.”

– Romeu Côrtes Domingues, MD, Chairman of Dasa.

Dasa is one of the world’s largest health companies when it comes to the volume of data produced and processed. As the leading diagnostics company in Latin America, Dasa carries out more than 250 million tests per year in its more than 700 laboratories. CCDS’s technology and AI processing, paired with Dasa’s deep experience in diagnostic medicine, will lead to solutions that can increase accuracy of diagnostics practices, speed up the analysis of medical images, and broaden the range of patients served.

Our Hospitals

Brigham and Womens - Mass General Hospital Logos

The Center for Clinical Data Science was founded by Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

“The combined power of both the Brigham and Mass General will allow the CCDS unprecedented access to the data and clinical expertise required to create real-world applications that empower clinicians and enhance outcomes,”

– Giles Boland, MD, Chair of the BWH Department of Radiology.

Our closest partners are MGH, BWH and the entire Partners HealthCare system. Because CCDS is so tightly integrated with these leading academic medical centers, we benefit from close interaction with leading physicians and medical investigators. CCDS is able to quickly see benefits of our work for clinicians and patients, alike.

“We’re harnessing the power of data so we can put it to work to develop smarter, more efficient ways to care for patients and run our systems.”

– Giles Boland, MD, Chair of the BWH Department of Radiology.