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The Center for Clinical Data Science uniquely combines a wealth of healthcare data with world-class computational resources and technical know-how to deliver unique solutions in close collaboration with our physician thought-leaders.



CCDS has access to the full breadth of data contained within the Partners HealthCare ecosystem.

We view the protection and proper use of this data as one of the Center’s top mandates.

Through consultation with the Institutional Review Boards, CCDS may use subsets of this data to develop a wide range of AI algorithms that result in improved care for our patients.

The CCDS is also building a data warehouse for the collection and analysis of high-throughput patient data (e.g. heart rate, oxygenation, etc).


The CCDS currently has over 2 petaflops of GPU compute across more than 100 NVIDIA GPUs, including 4 DGX-1s.

We are aggressively expanding our compute capabilities to support the Center’s mission.

Our GPU cluster boasts 100Gb networking and 1.8PB of high-performance storage to support training.

Clinical Integration

As a part of Partners Healthcare System, the Center for Clinical Data Science is closely integrated with both MGH and BWH.

Our datacenter is connected directly to the IT infrastructure of both hospitals, providing us with real-time views of patient care.

Physician experts from all around the health system help lead the development of AI-based clinical solutions, ensuring we solve the right problems in the most impactful way.

Our close affiliation with the hospitals also allows us to rapidly iterate, integrating into the clinical environment early and often.


Our team brings the best of the tech industry to healthcare. We leverage industry best-practices to build products and deploy them in a clinical setting.

We are assembling a team of world-class machine learning scientists, software engineers, data engineers, infrastructure engineers, and medical doctors.

If you are an experienced engineer and want to build products that solve real-world problems, come join us.

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Partnership opportunities

CCDS and Partners HealthCare are looking to accelerate the impact of AI across all domains of healthcare. We believe partnering with leaders in this space is the best way to rapidly translate ideas into action.

If you would like to team with the Center for Clinical Data Science please get in touch.

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