Collaborating with the research community is essential to the Center’s success.

We provide essential resources to accelerate machine learning research.


GPU Usage

Access to GPUs is critical for training neural networks. Through our partnership with NVIDIA, we are building a GPU cluster to support the PHS research community.

  • Scheduled access to nodes with two, four, or eight GPUs, including the NVIDIA DGX-1. Our GPUs sport up to 16GB per GPU to train models with 3D data
  • Storage space for data sets on our high-performance NetApp and Isilon devices
  • 100Gb Ethernet networking to minimizing latency and maximize throughput for internode communication and access to our storage

Contact Winston Larson for additional information or to use the cluster.

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We are building a platform to allow for rapid integration into the hospital of any model that conforms to CCDS standards.

  • Build a model to advance your research goals
  • Work with the Center to integrate it into clinical workflows
  • Demonstrate the power of machine learning in your specialty