Nuance and Partners HealthCare Collaborate

BURLINGTON, Mass. and LAS VEGAS, March 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — At HIMSS 2018, Nuance Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ:NUAN), (booth #1143) today announced the signing of a multi-year strategic agreement with Partners HealthCare. The two organizations will optimize the process for rapid development, validation and utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) for radiologists at the point of care, and Nuance intends to make the new algorithms available through the Nuance AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging. The collaboration will be executed through the recently formed Massachusetts General Hospital (“MGH”) and Brigham and Women’s Hospital (“BWH”) Center for Clinical Data Science (“CCDS”) and will focus on improving radiologists’ efficiency and report quality, as well as patient clinical outcomes.

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Where Is AI Headed in 2018?

13 predictions by researchers and experts from around the world.

Publications like The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Fortune have all called 2017 “The Year of AI.” And with good reason.

AI outperformed professional gamers and poker players in new realms. Access to deep learning education expanded through various online programs. The speech recognition accuracy record was broken multiple times, most recently by Microsoft. And research universities and organizations like Oxford, Massachusetts General Hospital and GE’s Avitas Systems invested in deep learning supercomputers.

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The future of AI in healthcare

We asked top clinicians what they really think about the future of AI in healthcare. Here’s what they said: Despite the debate, most say AI’s potential to transform healthcare is great… and it’s closer to reality than we expected.

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Revolutionizing Radiology with Deep Learning at Partners Healthcare – and Many Others

One of the more miraculous aspects of modern medicine is its ability to peer directly inside the human body to aid in diagnosis of disease and medical conditions. Radiological imaging is one of the most effective diagnostic tools available, and its use is so pervasive that it accounts for about 10% of U.S. medical costs.

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Dr. Katherine Andriole, Award Winner for Outstanding Leadership

29RAD Women (#RADxx), a networking group for the advancement of women in imaging informatics, today announced the winners of the inaugural RADxx Awards. Winners and honorable mentions of the RADxx Trailblazer, Advocate, Champion, and Rising Star Awards were unveiled at a cocktail reception sponsored by Ambra Health during the annual RSNA conference. The outstanding individuals who have helped to lead the way for women in medical imaging informatics are as follows.

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Leadership Insider Podcast Episode 108: Artificial Intelligence Part 1

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Radiology

No, the robots are not here to take your job. But, with the emergence of machine learning technologies, what exactly does that mean for radiology and how will it impact the workflows, processes and the nature of the job? In this exciting new episode, Mark Michalski, MD, the executive director of the Center for Clinical Data Science at Massachusetts General and Brigham Hospital joins us as we discuss the history of AI, how it’s being used today, how it might change radiology and how radiology can leverage this new technology to provide even more value and better patient care.

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AI Holds Promise of Improving Doctors’ Diagnoses

With artificial intelligence, machines can see what many humans may have missed

Radiologists can scrutinize hundreds of images before identifying an area of concern in a patient’s body. Mark Michalski likens the process to “playing ‘Where’s Waldo?’ on each of those images.”

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On May 17, Partners HealthCare joined forces with another Boston institution, GE Electric Co., to launch an ambitious 10-year collaboration to rapidly develop, validate, and strategically integrate deep learning technology into every aspect of the patient journey.

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The team behind the future of AI in healthcare

A new 10-year commitment aims to integrate AI into every aspect of the patient journey.

Rarely are there such juxtaposed views around the potential of a technology than those surrounding AI in medicine. As skeptics ask for proof, supporters sell the dream. Both know that it’s mostly unchartered territory ahead.

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Partners HealthCare looks to develop-and commercialize-artificial intelligence

Boston-based Partners HealthCare is jumping headlong into the artificial intelligence sector, inking a partnership with GE Healthcare to create new AI platforms that can be used well beyond the integrated health system.

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